Photos by Mark J, Barrett
She is stunning and knows it.
One of our absolute favorites in every way possible!  

Abbey's Dam in the United Kingdom
She is so wonderful with so much feather and mane!!!

Born ~ 2006  
Breed ~  Gypsy Vanner 
Sex ~ Mare
Sire ~   Peter Ashes Bullseye (UK)
Dam ~  Peter Ashes Black Mare (UK)
Height ~ 14 hands 
Grandsire - Bob the Blagdon (now in the USA)

Abbey is a traditional sized Gypsy Vanner.  She is a blagdon in coloring with profuse amounts of mane and feather!  She actually had as much feather as a yearling as most fully mature mares.  Abbey has a solid pedigree and her sire is the renowned best Blagdon Stallion anywhere in the UK or the world.      

    Abbey is a foundation mare for us and she is adored by many. She is well under saddle, has a super work ethic and is absolutely fantastic with children.  She is  great when working with very young children because she is so calm, gentle and nurturing.

Abbey has become a most lovely mare. She is heavy and built like a tank with feather that is purely amazing. Great bone, great movement and soooo wonderful as a mother. She gave us a colt in 2009, named Micah, and another colt in 2011 named Revelation. Both remain up and coming Stallions and we look forward to seeing them in their new homes and in the show rings across the country.

We love our Abbey.

The Blagdon's  Abbey
Color Genetics  nn ~ Ee ~ aa 
Abbey's Grandsire 
Bob the Blagdon
Abbey's Dam
Peter Ash's Black Mare UK
Abbey's Sire Bullseye 
(the one and only best Blagdon Stallion ever)
Found Feather Farm Micah
2009 Stallion prospect out of Abbey and Django
2009 Stallion prospect
Found Feather Farm
Our Precious Imported 
Welsh Mare
Abbey's crazy feather!!
2011 Stallion prospect
Found Feather Farm
Found Feather Farm Revelation
2011 Stallion prospect out of Abbey and Django
In the show ring as a yearling!