Blisse as a one year old just before turning two
Blisse as a one year old 
Blisse as a newborn foal with her dam Donna van de Langendijk
Blisse 's dam Donna van de Langendijk
Blisse 's sire the amazing Toffee van de Langendijk
 Toffee van de Langendijk has many offspring overseas and several here in the USA . Blisse is the closest look a like to her sire yet born on US soil. She is his beautiful Bay tricolor and has his amazing mane and tail!!
Rare opportunity to Own the 2016 direct daughter of the Champion Stallion Toffee van de Langendijk.  Blisse is the only daughter of Toffee that looks exactly like him. We never thought she would be sold so the opportunity is indeed a special one.  She is a perfect breeding age and could be bred immediately.  She is as sweet as they come and an in your pocket darling. She has had ground work, clips, ties, is great in the wash rack, is great for the farrier and is an all around easy keeper even with her double mane and massive tail.

She is ready to be trained to any discipline. She was born in Florida and tolerates any climate very well.  Can be purchased with her best paddock mate Zoie. 
Blisse was born on May 01, 2016 and is currently 14.1 and registered with the GVHS and the Irish Cob Society.
She is a beautiful Bay Tricolored Tobiano just like her sire.

She has quite an impressive pedigree behind her on both sides
with huge names like S.D.Jack, Bob the Blagdon, The Muddy Mare, The Lob Eared Horse, The Horseshoe Mare, The Coal Horse, The Old Horse of Wales, The Original Kent Horse, The Producer, The Roadsweeper UK and a list of many more.
Conformation photos taken June 15, 2020
Blisse being backed the first time as a just turned 3 year old. Nothing to it.