Color Genetics nT ~ Ee ~ aa     PSSM1 Negative

Born - In the UK on April 29, 2004
Height - 15.2 hands 
Sex - Breeding Stallion
Breed - Pure registered Gypsy Vanner
Sire - Nobby 
Dam  - Abbey UK ~ a 16.1 hand mare now deceased 

Mark J.Barrett
Mark J.Barrett
Mark J.Barrett
Django as a baby with his little tiny best friend!
Some of Django's Offspring
Meadowlark UK 

Django's Sire  
Nobby is one of the Vine's finest!
Gypsy Horses across the globe...
2008 FFF King Henry

Nobility  USA 

Stallion Prospect 
2010 FFF Micah

Django has been our alpha premier Stallion at Found Feather Farm.  He is the  largest of our Gypsy studs at 15.2 hands and has a heavy old style build. 

He has heavy bone and a super wide chest.  He is marked very evenly, has a thick mane and a thick black tail and wonderful full feather. 
We imported Django from Kent in the UK where he was used to running with his own herd of mares.  He is mature in covering his mares and breeds with great efficiency.  

He is solid like a rock and is very heavily muscled and built like a tank.
He has been backed with English and Western and is used regularly for exercise and to keep him fine tuned.
He has sired our largest foals and given us black and whites, a red and white and a even a black blagdon. He can produce any color depending on who he is bred to.

Django is sensible, willing, very people oriented and very very kind.
He is a dream as a stallion. 

2011 FFF The Lion's Legacy

Our Spectacular Herd Stallion