Color Genetics  TO/TO ~ EE ~ aa
Esperanzo is Homozygous for Tobiano and for black meaning he will always produce
 colored offspring and they will always be black based 

Born - March 18, 2006
Sex -  Gelding
Breed - Registered Gypsy Vanner #GV00595F1
Height - 14.3 
Sire - Latcho Drom #GV00049F
Dam - Esmeralda #GV00004F

We feel extremely privileged to own and care for such an exemplary example of the Gypsy Vanner breed in our Esperanzo.
He is one of the kindest Gypsy Vanner's ever and was as kind as a stallion as he is now as a gelding.
He dances with his stunning white mane and tail flying like a proud banner and his thick rainbow neck gives him a presence that is unmatched in grace and glory. 

 To date he has produced three fillies and two colts.   All have his rich black color genetics and most have his white mane and tail.  His offspring have his carbon stamped appearance and his sweetness.

We adore this boy and have an uncommon bond with him that is strong and most  unusual. We treasure our relationship with him and every day we spend with him. He has become a noble ambassador for us and for Found Feather Farm.  Our hearts are souls are deeply entwined with our beloved Esperanzo.

Esperanzo's Sire
1995 Gypsy Vanner Stallion Latcho Drom

Esperanzo's Dam
1996 Gypsy Vanner Mare Esmeralda
Our wonderful gelding
Our Fairytale Gelding