Harley Boy
Harley Boy

For anyone who ever dreamed of having a sweet cuddly teddy bear of a horse pet...Harley is your boy!
Harley is a full Gypsy Horse gelding and a darling boy that just oozes kindness.  

Harley was imported from England and has an old fully healed leg injury we know nothing about other than it keeps him from work. 

Harley would make the ideal companion horse for a retired or senior horse or a great companion horse for a human who can no longer ride.  He is loving and just adorable and longs for a companion.  He would be perfect for someone that has only one using horse that needs a buddy.

He is great with a mare or a kind gelding. He is on the low end of the pecking order so it is important for him to have a kind companion. He would work with another animal type as well. 

He is beautiful and one of the hairiest Gypsy horses we have ever seen. He puts on a fierce winter coat and has mane and tail to spare. He has incredible feather that is thick and full all season long.

Harley is 13.3 and will follow you anywhere. He craves attention and loves bathes and to be groomed. He needs a forever home where he is nurtured and loved and well cared for. He gets stiff in a harsh winter environment so warmer or mild weather would suite him better. 

He would be ideal for a retired human that wants a magnificent Gypsy pet. 
We will heavily screen a future home for Harley. He can not be ridden so please don't even ask.  He has the personality of a big puppy and would probably come in the house of we let him. LOL!

Serious inquiries only please.

We are asking $3500.00 to be certain he goes to a home that can care for him responsibly.
He is great for photos and loves kids.

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