Found Feather Farm's
Newest Superstar Colt
Out of our Talia and The Lenny Horse
Born June 10, 2008
What a little doll this one is!
His little nose has dirt on it from
nuzzling in the morning dew...
Here he is at two days old
a perfect little guy!
We are thrilled!
We are calling him Izzy for short...
Found Feather
We adore our 
sweet little perfect Isaac!
I love his little ink spots...

Ink spots...
homozygous like his mom for sure...
Welcome Isaac...
perfection indeed!
This page was last updated: October 11, 2011
These new photos were taken on the 4th of July!
What a cute baby!!  So absolutely adorable...
Precious little guy...
"What ya keep in here?"

Dam - Talia
Sire - The Lenny Horse
Breed - Purebred Gypsy Horse
Born - June 10, 2008
Sex - Colt

He is wonderful and a joy to be near.
He plays with everyone and whinnies
happily as he runs with the other"kids."
He often nurses from Angel his 
occasional babysitter and then goes back to
playing and romping!
We love our precious little "Izzy"!!

We are offering Isaac for sale at this time
 to an approved home for $16,000.00.
This page was last updated: October 11, 2011