King Henry
Introducing our final foal of the season
the much anticipated...
Found Feather Farm's 
King Henry
Henry's Dam Angel 
Our unusually large full Gypsy Mare 
Born big enough to be the newly crowned
Our perfect
clone of his sire...
We have waited for this one with excitement!
He is our first out of our
prized stallion Django!
Big and very strong...

A definite
foundation stallion 
in the making for sure!

A real prize
indeed and so worth the wait...
The perfect "King 
Henry's Sire Django
Our imported Gypsy Stallion! 
King Henry 
Vital Statistics

Born ~ June 20th, 2008
Breed ~ Gypsy Horse
Sire ~ Django
Dam ~ Hansen's Angel
Size ~ Born bigger than all of our other 2008 foals by about 2 hands!
   Expected to reach 16.0 hands easily

This fella will be an incredible foundation stallion!
His pedigree is proof of what he will attain in stature. 
He is so very strong for a newborn.
He is imprinted and very willing to let you touch him anywhere...
He loves people and loves to play with the other foals
and truly is a favorite with everyone who meets him.
He has that sweet gentle laid back disposition and a very very sweet 
head and eyes.
He is wonderful...

He is going to be hard to let go...
This page was last updated: October 11, 2011
All of our 2008
 foals are 
on people
from day one!!
December 2008!
What a teddy bear!
This is the most georgeous boy...
He is stunning and will make the most
exceptional stallion prospect!
Henry loves playing with the boys...
He rocks!!
Just like his sire Django
in every way!
This page was last updated: October 11, 2011