Lioness Dahlia
Color Genetics   TO/TO  Ee  aa
Homozygous for Tobiano will always produce colored offspring
Born ~  2000
Breed ~ Gypsy Vanner
Sex ~ Mare
Sire ~ The Lion King (unconfirmed)
Dam ~   Unknown
Height ~ 15.2 hands

Lioness Dahlia is a wonderful foundation mare for us!  We are so very very fortunate to have had the opportunity to welcome this mare into our lives, our herd and our hearts.  She is a rare prize in her size and demeanor and we realize the great value of this prize for our farm.  

She has given us three beautiful foals,  all three of great size and with her sparkling personality.

Most visitors to the farm think she is a stallion because of her amazing build and stature. Even though she is so large she is very animated and is unusually agile and flexible.

This is a mare that anyone can ride. She loves children and loves to please. She is ever so careful around tiny feet and has also always nurtured her foals in the same fashion. She was trained English but can be ridden bareback. She has been used for lessons and she is steady and loving and just a very kind mare all around. (Pictured above riding three kids bareback!)

 We have enjoyed sharing our lives with Lioness Dahlia and will always cherish this gentle giant in our hearts and in our fields...she is a blessing and a such a treasure!

Lioness Dahlia's 
The Lion King
Sadly gone too soon....
Our own daughter of The Lion King...
Lioness Dahlia and her enormous 
2011 Filly named
 The Lion's Legacy 
out of our Django
See any behavior resemblance between Lioness and her sire below ?...
Lioness Dahlia and her enormous 
2013 Filly named
 Lyrical Song 'Lyric'
out of our Esperanzo
Lioness Dahlia and her precious Blue eyed   
2009 filly 
 Delilah Blue
out of  Rio Grande