Found Feather Farm presents...
They just don't come in a more perfect 
package than this!
What a great little guy! He is so special!
Our precious Samson!!
A true delight...
What an
amazing pair
nibbling together!
Head up and a very forward prancing motion...
Our mighty little
Sooooo Special!
Just so lovely!


Born - April 29, 2008
Sex - Colt
Breed - Gypsy Horse
Dam - April
Sire - Flash of Gold

Our much anticipated precious new boy!
He is everything we had hoped for and then some. We are smitten. He has the conformation we had hoped for and his markings are fantastic!  He holds his head high and prances
so proudly even at this early age.  He shows great promise as a really great Gypsy with a proven pedigree on both sides of his parentage.  We are so blessed with this guy and his momma is the absolute best!  She has been so wonderful with him and has let us begin imprinting immediately.  We have so enjoyed this experience.

Born and bred in the USA  
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Found Feather Farm's
Found Feather Farm's 

DJ Flash of Gold

At three Weeks old !!
Photos taken on
 May 31,2008
We have  trained little Samson to lead himself with the lead rope in his mouth!  Cute, Cute, Cute!!!
"Lead the Baby!"
I'm thinking about either a nap 
or some sun bathin..
or both...
this is great...
I'm just gonna lay here and dream...
about a nap...

December of 2008! WOW!!
What a beautiful mover!!
Really nice stride...
Samson has really turned into a special colt with
some real athleticism!
He is so awesome!!

He has such beautiful
markings and those hazel green eyes!