Silky - #GV00476F1
Freeland's Silk Stockings

Vital Statistics

 Born - March 10, 2006
 Breed - Gypsy Horse
 Sex - Proven Mare
 Height - 14.3 hands
 Dam - Pollyanne #GV00164F
 Sire - Prince Charming #GV00182F
 Grand Sire - Sid's Good Stallion
 Grand Dam - The Rose #GV00215F

Silky is a typical prized Rose line gal and has the sweet symetrical head, small ears, the beautiful markings,  and the straight long hair typical of the Rose line. This line exemplifies gorgeous looks, athletic movement, intelligence and a gentle, 
kind and willing spirit.
She is in fact a near perfect mare in conformation and temperament.
Silky is a prize for any farm or breeding program. She will make an exceptional
foundation mare for any breeder wanting such exquisite perfection.

Silky is currently being offered for sale 
for the special price of $25Kto an approved home. 
She can be purchased for $22K open or $25K with a breeding to the stallion of your choice... our Django or our Esperanzo

We will also offer an original
 Equine Pastel Portrait of Silky
 from the photo of your choice as a part of her sale.

This page was last updated: November 2, 2011

Precious Silky as a Baby!!
Such a doll!!
Polyanne ~ Silky's Dam
Prince Charming ~ Silky's Sire
Silky's filly named
Willow born on May 28, 2010!
She is wonderful and a perfect combination of her Dam Silky
and her Sire Esperanzo