Just hours old...
Silver Lace's 
One and Only Stunning Sire 
The Amazing 
St. Clarins

Found Feather Farm Silver Lace

Born - May 17, 2014  
Dam -Found Feather Farm Taila 
Sire - St. Clarins
Color Genetics -  EE / aa / nZ / nT
This precious girl for us was a 
product of years of waiting, praying and planning. She is what perfection in Gypsy breeding is all about.  Both her parents have stunning conformation and are champions in the Gypsy World.  Her dam, our best broodmare, FFF Talia is all around perfect and she produces our best foals every year she is bred. She is homozygous for Black and Heterozygous for Tobiano. Her sire, is world renowned and a Supreme Champion and an ambassador for the Gypsy Vanner breed. He is a solid Silver Dapple and is very generous with his genes.
Silver Lace will be a spectacular mare and will have great potential for breeding with the Silver Gene. She is beyond lovely and is social, very outgoing and so very sweet!  She is going to be a very big girl. At 2 1/2 she is as big as her mother and her sister already!

We are offering our Lacey up for sale for a limited time. If she is not sold she will remain a keeper for us and we will add her to our broodmares for her Silver genetics. She is offered to the home of perfection only and is a prize for anyone that has an interest in breeding with the best!
Serious Inquiries Only! 
This little girl is what breeding for perfection is all about.  She is just spectacular at two years old...