Found Feather Farm's
 Color Genetic Testing Results   TO/TO ~ Ee ~ aa
(Homozygous for tobiano which means she will always produce colored offspring)

Born~ 2005 month unknown
Breed ~ Gypsy Vanner Horse
Sex ~ Breeding Mare
Dam ~ Unknown
Sire ~ Chris Boothes Stallion UK
Grand-sire ~ Gypsy Boy UK
Height ~ 14.2-14.3

Talia is that dream of a mare that one spends years searching for.
She is exceptional in every way. 
She came from the Coates farm in the UK (Albert and Amy) and they also think she is exceptional. They bought her as a young filly in 2005 at Derby Auction from a gypsy man named Knocky.

We bought her as a young filly and could see the potential all the way around.  She is breathtaking and has been my heart horse in a mare
from day one.  Talia has stolen my heart forever and I just adore her.
She and I have a very special bond...the kind you just have no exact words for.
Talia is double registered with the GHA and the GVHS.

 2008  Colt  Found Feather Farm Isaac
 Talia x DJ Lenny
 2010 Filly Found Feather Farm Tehya
Talia x DJ Lenny
 2014 Foal
Talia x St. Clarins
color possibilties
50% Black Tobiano
50% Silver Black Tobiano

The Lenny Horse  ~  Sire of  2008 Isaac and 2010 Tehya
One of our most absolutely exquisite mares...
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 2012 Filly Found Feather Farm Emma
Talia x FFF Esperanzo
FFF Talia
Cielo Celeste  St. Clarins
2014 Filly Found Feather Farm Silver Lace  Lacey
Talia x St. Clarins
 = Silver Dapple and White Filly! Lacey