Found Feather Farm Tehya
Color Genetics   nT ~ Ee ~ aa PSSM1 neg

Born:  April 12, 2010
Breed: Gypsy Vanner Horse Filly
Color: Tri-colored Bay
Sex: Mare
Dam: Talia (Coates UK)
Sire: The Lenny Horse
Height : 14.2 hands

Tehya is a product of two stunning parents. She is just the loveliest of fillies and a keeper for our foundation herd. She is quite special and we knew it the moment she arrived. Sweet, sensible and just like her precious mother in her charming personality. We adore her. The name Tehya means precious and she is...
She is expected to become incredible greatness like both her parents.
Tehya has blossomed into a lovely tri-colored mare and is simply gorgeous as she enters her 5th year. She shines. She has been blessed with the attribute of abundant hair that both her sire and dam possess. 
So very sadly in 2017 we lost our perfect Tehya and her unborn foal together while she was trying to give birth to her first baby. Needless to say it left our hearts so very broken. The sire of the foal was none other than Toffee van de Langendijk.  Tehya would have been a superb mother. It would have been a spectacular foal. It was just not meant to be.

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Gypsy perfection...
This, is a perfect filly!
Conformationally exquisite...
she is just lovely...
Tehya's Incredible Sire ~ The one and only LENNY
 (Lenny Abignail's Horse) A legend in his own time!