The Disciple just hours old
On July 18th, 2013  April and Esperanzo gave us a perfect colt!!
 Found Feather Farm's The Disciple 

   A fabulous strong colt out of FFF April x FFF Esperanzo
Born July 18, 2013 

We could not be happier with this wonderful strong boy! He is marked beautifully and will test homozygous for Black like both of his parents! (E/E)  Possibly even homozygous for Tobiana as well. (TO/TO)
He has a sparkling personality and is the very first colt Esperanzo has ever produced!  He is so much like his sire!

This boy has a future in driving  and will be trained when he is old enough to be a champion in the driving arena. We are so thrilled with his potential. He is a mover in the field and very independent while playing.
(so typical for a little boy) 

We are so very thankful for a healthy boy and that he is so outgoing is just a big bonus.