Born June 07, 2009
Found Feather Farm's    
The King's Perfect Grace
This is the cutest little button yet...

We are smitten
Just an absolute perfect little doll!
Gracie and her momma...April
Larry has fallen in love with this little bug!  He adores her!!
She has been just too irresistible for me too!
I had to go straight to the easel with her precious face...
...our little Gracie.
The King's Perfect Grace
Pedigree                  Born June 7, 2009

SIRE - Found Feather Farm's The King's Curtain Call "Connor"
DAM - Found Feather Farm's April
GRANDSIRE - The Gypsy King
GRANDAM - Panda Rose

Gracie has it all.  She has perfect conformation, stunning markings, and is blessed with the sweetest temperament. She  sports feather starting above the knees and a dreamy double mane with her dam's wonderful tri colored markings of Bay Tobiano and black points.

She may be a keeper for us as we see how she grows and gets even better.

At this time we will be offering her for sale for $14,500.00.  However, we may decide to keep her as part of our own herd at some point in the near future.
We will keep you posted...