Come with us..

...Let us tell you our story...

...the story of connecting with and growing through our magnificent God and King. We are so humbly thankful to have a personal relationship with our Lord. He spoke to our hearts through His amazing creations and we grew closer to Him through nurturing our animals and breathing in our stunning surroundings. Because of that He has changed our hearts and our minds to be used completely for His purpose and our hearts very much want to share Him with others so they can know Him too... 

...Come with us and let us show you what we have found and how we have grown in this journey we call life.  What an amazing God we serve...

              " And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."    Acts 2:21

Maranatha Lord Jesus... we know our time here is short.
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"My treasures do not 
clink or gleam,
They glitter in the sun
and neigh at night."
~ Bedouin Gypsy Proverb
everyday is filled with
life experiences, 
 both wonderful and disappointing,
that bring us ever so much 
closer to being one with
our Lord... 


to the world of
Meeting and uniting people for His purpose through their love and admiration 
 of the Gypsy Horse 
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